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Monday, December 20, 2010

Book Review: Highlights From “The Better Bladder Book”

I am so impressed by this  book about chronic pelvic pain and interstitial cystitis. In fact, I included it in my book, “Gluten Toxicity” as a resource. It has been written by a registered nurse (RN) who knows how to advocate for her patients and who regularly thinks outside of the box. The author, Wendy Cohan, is a RN from Portland, Oregon, (US). She counsels patients with celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis, non-celiac gluten intolerance, and bladder related conditions. As well, she is aware of lectin intolerance and the paleolithic diet. Wendy is also the author of Gluten-Free Portland, A Resource Guide” and maintains 3 websites at www.mywellbladder.com, www.glutenfreechoice.com and www.thebetterbladderbookinfo.com. I have had the pleasure of conversing with Wendy by e-mail and can say that she appears to be a very professional, approachable and knowledgeable RN with a passion for helping patients who are suffering.

Below, I have outlined the highlights that can be found in Wendy’s book. I know from my experience as a RN, that conventional medicine only offers the use of medication and a few procedures to help deal with urological issues. Wendy’s book offers endless ideas and alternative tips to help ease the pain and inflammation associated with chronic pelvic pain and bladder problems. For example, with interstitial cystitis, she describes it as the perfect storm with several overlapping contributing factors. Wendy discusses each factor and provides tips to help heal not only the condition, but your whole body and well-being. If you are suffering and looking for answers, then this comprehensive book about the urinary system, the types of disorders that can occur and how to direct your own healing journey may provide the perfect solution.  Currently, Wendy’s book is available from Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.

Highlights From “The Better Bladder Book”

Comprehensive Symptom Review

Wendy discusses the symptoms and the chain of reactions that lead to the symptoms. She helps the reader to see the big picture and explores new ways of thinking about interstitial cystitis and chronic pelvic pain. Many case studies are included.

Lesson About the Urological System

A simplified lesson outlines the urological system and describes various types of dysfunction. Wendy also discusses other conditions that may contribute to chronic pelvic pain.

In Depth Discussion Of The Tests And Conventional Treatments

Diagnostic tests and traditional treatments are discussed. This includes medications, current available treatments and types of therapy that can be used. People who have suffered chronically with bladder issues and chronic pelvic pain may have been exposed to many of these tests and treatments. Wendy helps to outline the benefits with each test and treatment ensuring that patients are aware of all their options.

Alternative Treatments

This is my favourite part of the book. Wendy discusses various therapeutic diets, nutritional supplements, medicinal herbs, and other complementary techniques that can be used to decrease the symptoms, increase urological health and overall wellbeing. This part of the book helps to provide a sense of hope and control to many who are living with daily pain and empowers patients with many options.

Many Resources

Many resources are provided at the end of the book including organizations, websites, resources for kids, centers for IC research, along with articles and books for further reading.

My Thoughts

I think the information in this book really empowers patients so that they can have knowledgeable discussions with their doctors, make educated choices and direct their own recovery. I firmly believe that every patient with urological problems would benefit from the comprehensive knowledge provided in this book.

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